Cathryn John - Book Illustrator

Cathryn John

Cathryn John is a Vancouver based illustrator and designer. She first started illustrating children’s books while earning her degree attending Emily Carr University’s Industrial Design program.

Since then, she has illustrated five more children’s books, has won an international award for an industrial design project and has started her own company. Her creative practice includes a range of mediums from acrylic painting to ceramics to woodworking.

Through her business (Flo. Studios) Cathryn offers clients design, illustration, photography, and arts services. She also helps youth and adults tap into their creativity with painting lessons in private and in social settings.

Cathryn finds inspiration from travel and in nature. You can often find her hiking trails on the North Shore, skiing the local mountains, or walking the beaches. Tofino is one of her favourite places on earth.

She also enjoys connecting with people over a great cup of coffee and hanging out with her friends, family, and her cat Charlie. Though she was definitely a picky eater as a child, Cathryn is now a major foodie embracing and exploring all kinds of foods.

Her passion for social equity and the environment shines through her work and is showcased in several projects. Cathryn hopes to creatively use her skills to help make the world a better place. To see more of Cathryn’s work and to follow current projects, you can find her on instagram: @flo.studios or visit: